You only get one skin.

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in Hollywood, the very best in aesthetics is expected.

it's all about the results. 

 You only get one skin!

Everyone’s skin is as unique as a fingerprint.  In the world of entertainment, there is no place for generic treatments.  Entertainers' careers depend on attention to the details of their skin.  The hi-def camera sees everything.

At Lyft, every client experiences the same premium skincare services we provided for those in the entertainment business — at affordable prices. All of us deserve to look our best at any age, whether it’s making it through the teen years or preserving a youthful look in retirement.

We create a tailor-made treatment to enhance the quality and health of your skin. We believe your skin spa experience is about results. 

                                                                                    After all, you only get one skin!


A new state of the art.

Introducing TO THE U.S.A.

Oxygen Infusion

(with micro-needling)

Elastin and Collagen

scars, acne, wrinkles,
hyper-pigmentation, and stretch marks

Accelerate healing, increase blood circulation, and facilitate delivery of active ingredients to the deeper layers of skin.

Improve the quality of your skin!       Call for a free consultation.

Innovative Lifestyle Skincare

See Rebecca’s TV Demo!

innovative Skincare by rebecca Benedict,  master aesthetician

Beauty and Skincare expert, Rebecca Benedict demos the first true Oxygen Infusion technology in the U.S. from Italy.


Roll back the years and join the oxygen infusion revolution. It's a rejuvenating solution that's soothing, relaxing, and well suited for all skin types.

The next generation technology for healthy skin is here. Oxygen infusion with micro-needling penetrates the upper layers of the dermis. Skin rejuvenation results are quicker and longer lasting.


In just one treatment, your skin will look hydrated and radiant. Skin tones are more even and redness is diminished. You will see and feel the difference.


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Meet Rebecca

After working twenty years in Hollywood with actors, singers, and those who could afford the very best, L.A. skincare expert, Rebecca Benedict decided to create LYFT, a skin spa experience that is effective and affordable.